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It's here. A new, modern, basketball statistics package full of the features you want, at a price any organization can afford. With the Hoop Notes© lineup, you can keep statistics by entering the numbers from your game book and statistic sheets, or by using the built in real time statistics collection with shot charts and play by play action. With the smart layout and ease of use, you will be up and running in minutes. Download a fully functional, free trial of Hoop Notes© and compare it to any other software on the market and you'll experience the Hoop Notes© value first hand. The Hoop Notes© product lineup includes Hoop Notes PC Edition, Hoop Notes Mobile, Hoop Notes myStats, and Hoop Notes Chalk. Check out our Hoop Notes PC Edition and Hoop Notes Mobile online video 'Getting Started' series to see just how quick and easy our software is to use. A spreadsheet. That's how it all started. Well, actually it started just before the spreadsheet when I was asked to work with a school basketball team. The team was rough around the edges, but a short time later we had the team playing for the league championship. I had always believed in the usefulness of statistics, so I started keeping track of game statistics using a spreadsheet with lots of tabs and links between sheets. It was complicated. Something only a programmer or hard core number cruncher could love. I'm a programmer by trade and I was an athlete in high school, and suddenly I found myself a coach. It hit me that the combination of skills and knowledge could be put to use, and Hoop Notes© was born. From the spreadsheet, Hoop Notes© quickly evolved into a basic Windows program for capturing the data gathered from score books and stat sheets and for printing a couple of simple reports. Now, a few more years down the road and with the input from many different coaches, Hoop Notes© has turned into a complete, highly functional real time game statistics program that includes the ability to gather statistics with Windows Mobile handheld devices. I decided to market this program as a version 1.0, but download and try Hoop Notes© for free and I believe you'll agree that it is one of the most mature version 1.0 products you have ever used. It's certainly not a spreadsheet any more. Welcome to the Hoop Notes© experience, at a price any team can afford.

Date added : 04-Jan-2011
File size : Unknown
Language : English
License : Shareware - Time Limit
Price : $ 19.99
OS : Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
UpdateDate : 04-Jan-2011
Requirements : No special requirements
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